The Song Within My Heart

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The Song within my Heart, by David Bouchard with illustrations by Allen Sapp, is based upon the life of a young Cree boy. This young boy grows up in an average Cree household but has a very special bond with his grandmother. She takes her heritage very seriously and wants to pass the traditions and knowledge down unto her grandson. By doing so, she takes him to his first pow-wow. Through this cultural experience, he learns new things about his ancestry and does so by ways before he couldn’t imagine. For instance, the people who play the drums at this pow-wow share their story through the rhythm and the beats of their drum. Not only does this young boy learn more about his heritage, he learns to look at things in a different perspective and realizes that his family history is all around him.

The author[edit]

Author David Bouchard is a Canadian Metis author and has written over fifty works of literature for all ages. Bourchard is also a school teacher and principal, and travels the country speaking on the history of First Nations.