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The Spazzys
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Pop punk
Years active 2000–present
Website Official website
Members Kat Spazzy
Lucy Spazzy
Ally Spazzy

The Spazzys is an all-girl pop punk band from Melbourne, Australia.


The three girls went to school together and Kat (guitar, lead vocals) and Lucy (bass) are also twins. They formed in 2000 and played their first show as a support for Mach Pelican.[1]

Their first three singles Paco Doesn't Love Me, Hey Hey Baby and My Boyfriend's Back all charted with the latter reaching No. 24.[1][2] Their debut album Aloha! Go Bananas entered the AIR independent chart at No. 1[3] and reached the top 40 of the ARIA national albums chart. They have received significant radio airplay - mostly on Triple J.[4] Their song "Paco Doesn't Love Me", written about the drummer of an Italian punk band called Retarded,[5] was No. 75 in the 2004 Triple J Hottest 100.[6]

They have played several major music festivals, such as the Big Day Out,[7] Falls Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival, Pyramid Rock Festival and have toured with bands such as You Am I, Grinspoon, Butterfingers and Hard-Ons.

The band has also supported international acts such Blondie, The Distillers, The Hives,[8] The's,[9] Marilyn Manson[10] and Marky Ramone.[11] They were poorly received by the crowd during their support tour with Marilyn Manson during his Rape of the World Tour; the biggest response they got was by asking the crowd for a "fuck you".[10] The band frequently mocked the audience by announcing song titles such as "My Parents Don’t Understand Me So I’m Going To My Room To Cut Myself".[10]

They played with Marky Ramone on an Australian visit, Ally (drums) made way for Marky on the drums.[12] Marky also features in their video clip for "Hey Hey Baby".[13] They are heavily influenced by The Ramones,[14] and have similarly adopted the band's name as a surname.

In 2005, Ally guest starred on the game show Spicks and Specks, and Kat on RockWiz.[15]


All three members have contributed lead and backing vocals, although Kat is the lead singer for most of their songs.






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