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First edition (publ. New English Library)

The Spear is a 1978 novel by British author James Herbert dealing with Nazi occultism and the Holy Lance.

Plot summary[edit]

The book deals with a neo-Nazi cult in Britain and an international conspiracy which includes a right-wing US general and a sinister arms dealer, and their obsession with resurrecting Heinrich Himmler through the occult.


Ramsey Campbell praised the novel, saying "The Spear scores as a thriller, especially in its set pieces".[1]

Court case[edit]

In an earlier version of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail/The Da Vinci Code lawsuit,[2] Trevor Ravenscroft sued James Herbert[3] claiming the novel infringed on his 1973 non-fiction book The Spear of Destiny.[4] Herbert declined to pay Ravenscroft damages and eventually removed the offending content.[5]

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