The Sporting Duchess (1915 film)

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The Sporting Duchess
Directed byBarry O'Neil
Produced bySiegmund Lubin(A Lubin Liberty Bell Feature)
Written byClay M. Greene
Based onplay The Sporting Duchess by Cecil Raleigh, Henry Hamilton and Augustus Thomas
StarringRose Coghlan
Ethel Clayton
Distributed byV-L-S-E
Release date
June 7, 1915
Running time
6 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles

The Sporting Duchess is a lost[1] 1915 silent film drama directed by Barry O'Neil and starring Rose Coghlan and Ethel Clayton. It was produced by the Lubin Manufacturing Company.[2][3]

Remade in 1920 at Vitagraph with Alice Joyce.


  • Rose Coghlan - The Sporting Duchess
  • Ethel Clayton - Lady Muriel Desborough
  • Rosetta Brice - vivian Darville
  • Frankie Mann - Annette Donnelly
  • Florence Williams - Mrs. Donnelly
  • Charles Brandt - Colonel Donnelly
  • Ruth Bryan - Mary Aylmer
  • George Soule Spencer - Lord Desborough
  • James Daly - Mr. Aylmer
  • George Tidmarsh - Captain Mostyn
  • Joseph Kaufman - Rupert Lee
  • Clarence Elmer - Dick Hammond
  • Alan Quinn - Dr. Streatield


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