Story of a Discharged Prisoner

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Story of a Discharged Prisoner
Film poster
Directed by Patrick Lung Kong
Produced by Ho Kin-yip
Written by Patrick Lung Kong
Starring Patrick Tse
Patsy Ka Ling
Wong Wai
Shih Kien
Cinematography Chan Kon
Release date
Running time
118 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Story of a Discharged Prisoner (英雄本色; lit. "True Colors of a Hero"), also called Upright Repenter, is a 1967 Hong Kong film directed by Patrick Lung Kong.

The film partially inspired the 1986 John Woo film A Better Tomorrow, which has the same Chinese name.

Cast and roles[edit]


In 2005, Story of a Discharged Prisoner was ranked 39th on the Hong Kong Film Awards list of the Top 100 Chinese Films. It was ranked number 21 on TimeOut Hong Kong Greatest 100 Hong Kong Films.[1]


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