The Stranger (TV series)

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The Stranger
Created byFrank Telford
StarringRobert Carroll
Country of origin United States
Running time30 minutes
Original networkDuMont
Original releaseJune 25, 1954 – February 11, 1955

The Stranger was an early American television program broadcast on the now defunct DuMont Television Network. The series ran from 1954 to 1955, and was a drama starring Robert Carroll, who played a mysterious man who helped those in distress.[1]

The program, produced and distributed by DuMont, aired Friday at 9 PM on most DuMont affiliates. The series was produced and directed by Frank Telford, and was cancelled in 1955, as the DuMont Network began crumbling.


The Stranger was hampered by a small budget, even by 1950s standards. Later critics, such as Castleman and Podrazik (1982), cited The Stranger, among other DuMont series, as one of the reasons fewer and fewer viewers tuned into the ailing DuMont Network.

They stated the series was, like several other DuMont programs during the 1953-1954 season, "doomed from the start by third-rate scripts and cheap production" and called the program a "stale pulp adventure".[2] The series did not last long, and the network itself began crumbling by early 1955.

Episode status[edit]

A single episode (November 12, 1954) survives at the UCLA Film and Television Archive[3] and is believed to be the sole surviving episode.

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