The Texas Campfire Tapes

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The Texas Campfire Tapes is the first album by American singer and songwriter Michelle Shocked. It was originally a recording made on a Sony Walkman of an impromptu set performed by Shocked around the eponymous campfire. It was then released by Mercury Records in 1986. It was reissued in 2003 as a two-CD set called Texas Campfire Takes by Shocked's own label, Mighty Sound. Another version of "Fogtown" appears as a "hidden track" on Shocked's breakthrough album Short Sharp Shocked (1988), where she is backed by the hardcore punk band MDC.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Michelle Shocked, except where indicated

Original Album[edit]

  1. "5 A.M. in Amsterdam"
  2. "The Secret Admirer"
  3. "The Incomplete Image"
  4. "Who Cares?"
  5. "Down on Thomas St"
  6. "Fogtown"
  7. "Steppin' Out"
  8. "The Hep Cat"
  9. "Necktie"
  10. "(Don't you mess around with) My Little Sister"
  11. "The Ballad of Patch Eye and Meg"
  12. "The Secret to a Long Life (is knowing when it's time to go)"

2003 Mighty Sound CD reissue (Disk two)[edit]

  1. "5 A.M. in Amsterdam"
  2. "Fogtown"
  3. "4/4 Troubador"
  4. "Steppin' Out"
  5. "Hold Me Back"
  6. "Fool for Cocaine"
  7. "Down on Thomas St"/ "Hardly Gonna Miss Him"
  8. "Hep Cat"
  9. "Necktie"
  10. "My Little Sister"
  11. "Patcheye and Meg"
  12. "Secret to a Long Life"
  13. "When I Grow Up"
  14. "Ghost Town"
  15. "Secret Admirer"
  16. "Black Widow"
  17. "Chain Smoker"
  18. "Old Time Feeling"
  19. "Stranded in a Limousine" (Paul Simon)
  20. "Goodnight, Irene" (Huddie Ledbetter/Trad)
  21. "C.C. Rider" (Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey, Lena Arant)
  22. "Contest Coming"
  23. "Lagniappe"/"Memories of East Texas"