The Treasure of the Humble

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The Treasure of the Humble
Treasure humble tp.jpg
Title page for the 1900 Dodd, Mead & Company edition of Maurice Maeterlinck's Treasure of the Humble
AuthorMaurice Maeterlinck
Original titleLe Trésor des Humbles
TranslatorAlfred Sutro
PublisherMercure de France
Publication date
Published in English
Pages225 (English version, approx.)

The Treasure of the Humble (French: Le Trésor des humbles) is a collection of thirteen deeply reflective mystical essays by the Belgian Nobel Laureate Maurice Maeterlinck. The work is dedicated to Georgette Leblanc.


  • "Le Silence" ("Silence")
  • "Le Réveil de L'Ame" ("The Awakening of the Soul")
  • "Les Avertis" ("The Pre-Destined")
  • "La Morale Mystique" ("Mystic Morality")
  • "Sur Les Femmes" ("On Women")
  • "Ruysbroeck L'Admirable"
  • "Emerson"
  • "Novalis"
  • "Le Tragique Quotidien" ("The Tragical in Daily Life")
  • "L'Étoile" ("The Star")
  • "La Bonté Invisible" ("The Invisible Goodness")
  • "La Vie Profonde" ("The Deeper Life")
  • "La Beauté Intérieure" ("The Inner Beauty")

English translations[edit]

The Treasure of the Humble was translated into English by Alfred Sutro with an introduction by A. B. Walkley in 1897. The English-language version does not include the essays on Ruysbroeck, Emerson, and Novalis.


  • Maeterlinck, Maurice (1900). The Treasure of the Humble. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company/London: George Allen, Ruskin House.
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice (1907). Le Trésor des Humbles. Paris: Société du Mercure de France.

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