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The Truth About Marika (Swedish title: Sanningen om Marika), is a transmedia production by Sveriges Television (SVT) and The company P in cooperation with SICS and Interactive Institute. It is an alternate reality game and a TV-series first aired in Sweden during the autumn of 2007. The Truth About Marika was marketed as a "participation drama" and had a high amount of viewer participation.

The viewers of the TV-series were invited by a young woman to participate in the search for her lost friend and the search took place online and all over Sweden.

Participation drama[edit]

The Truth About Marika took place on television, national radio, the internet, mobile phones and in the streets. Each week the theories of the search for Marika were discussed in a live TV-debate. The events depicted on the television show was partially altered by the actions of participating viewers.

Media platforms[edit]

The Truth About Marika narrative spanned across different channels aiming to provide an immersive experience into the story universe. It included: A TV drama, the Conspirare website, an SVT dedicated webpage, a debate television program, ARGs activities and Entropia Universe.[1]

Awards and recognition[edit]

The Truth About Marika won a SIME Award for Best Online Entertainment in November 2008

The Truth About Marika won an International Interactive Emmy Award for Best Interactive TV-service in April 2008.[2] A prize which has not gotten used since.[3]

The Truth About Marika was nominated for two Prix Europa 2008 in the categories TV Fiction and Emerging Media.


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Awards and recognition[edit]