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The Swedish Institute of Computer Science, SICS, is an independent non-profit research organization with a research focus on applied computer science. The institute carries out research in a number of areas, including networked embedded systems, future Internet technologies, large scale network-based applications, and human-machine interaction. Research projects at SICS are typically carried out in cooperation with both industry and academia.

In January 2005 SICS had approximately 88 employees, of which 77 are researchers and 30 have PhD degrees. The institute is located in the Kista district of Stockholm, with the main office in the Electrum building.


A number of well-known software packages have been developed at SICS:

Academic output[edit]

The research at SICS results in approximately 100 refereed publications in academic journals, conferences and workshops per year. Around 2-4 SICS researchers receive higher academic degrees per year, and 1-3 persons move to academia for tenured positions.

SICS was ranked as the 15th most acknowledged computer science research institution in the world in an article in December 2004 issue of the highly esteemed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). SICS is the only Swedish institution included in the list, and is one of two European institutions ( the other one being INRIA ) alongside 13 well-known American institutions – several of them larger than SICS.[1]

Notable spin-off companies[edit]


SICS is jointly owned by Swedish industry and the Swedish government. The industry owners are TeliaSonera, Ericsson, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), Green Cargo, ABB, and Bombardier Transportation.

SICS research is funded by the owners, by national funding sources, often Vinnova (the Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems) and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), and by industrial collaboration partners. SICS also participates in several European research projects funded by the European Commission.


SICS was formed in 1985.


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