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Industry Hospitality
Founded c.1997
Founder Wolverhampton & Dudley
Headquarters 500 Capability Green, Luton, LU1 3LS.
Area served
England and Wales
Products 23 student themed pubs
Owner Stonegate Pub Company (2013–)
Wolverhampton & Dudley (c.1997–2001)
Website Stonegate Pub Company

Varsity is a student-focused pub chain operating in the United Kingdom. The name originates from annual university sports competitions.


The chain began in the mid-1990s. Its main competitor was Scream Pubs. Varsity was more sports-orientated than It's A Scream.

Varsity Wolverhampton – the first varsity bar in the chain – shut its doors in June 2012 after The University of Wolverhampton made a successful bid to the struggling Barracuda Group to purchase the building.


Wolverhampton & Dudley[edit]

Varsity was founded by Wolverhampton & Dudley.

Barracuda Group[edit]

The Barracuda Group was formed in July 2000 by PPM Ventures, a private equity company that became Silverfleet Capital.

In September 2001 Barracuda Group bought fifty pubs from Wolverhampton & Dudley for £37.25 million, which included the 22 pubs of the Varsity chain.[1]

In June 2005, the Barracuda Group was sold for £262 million to Charterhouse Capital Partners. In August 2006 there were 36 Varsity bars.[2]

A former Varsity at Derry's Cross in Plymouth before its closure in 2013

In October 2012, Barracuda was renamed The Bramwell Pub Company.[3]

The Stonegate Pub Company[edit]

In October 2013, The Bramwell Pub Company went into administration. The Stonegate Pub Company bought 78 of the company's pubs including the Varsities in Lincoln and Coventry.[4]


It operates the V Card, one of the first loyalty cards, which allows a cheaper price for some drinks, and allows better offers on some of the food deals.[5]

The website is now conducted all through Facebook. It serves food most of the day, concentrating on bowls of chips with dips, and a range of hot baguettes with chips.


North West England[edit]

North East England[edit]

Varsity in Leeds

Yorkshire and the Humber[edit]

East Midlands[edit]

Varsity in Wolverhampton

West Midlands[edit]

South West England[edit]

  • Gloucester

Varsity in Southampton

South East England[edit]

  • Southampton – on London Road
  • Southend on Sea[11] [12]



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