The Varsity Yacht Race

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The Yacht Varsity is a yacht race between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

The Yacht Varsity has been raced since 2003 and became a Half-Blue sport in 2008, since then a full Blue can be awarded at the discretion of the Blues committee . The format is fleet racing on the Solent using 37' yachts with a mixed crew of 8. A second boat which welcomes less experienced racers also competes in the same fleet against a Cambridge second boat. At present the series stands 3–2 to Oxford. The teams compete for the prestigious Yacht Varsity Trophy.

The race is normally run just before BUSA and after the end of Lent term, in order to give both teams time to train up some of their new intake and get a bit more training before BUSA. The racing normally takes place during a Sunsail regatta weekend, but entering other races, such alternating between the Fastnet and Cork or Cowes Week has been mooted for the future if funding can be found. The Cambridge University Cruising Club – CUCrC, donated a cup, which is awarded to the winner each year.

Race Results
2007/08, Cambridge
2006/07, Oxford
2005/06, Oxford
2004/05, Cambridge
2003/04, Oxford