The Western Australian Flora—A Descriptive Catalogue

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The Western Australian Flora – A Descriptive Catalogue was published by the Wildflower Society of Western Australia, the Western Australian Herbarium, CALM, and the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority of Perth, Western Australia.[1]


At the time of publication in 2000 the number of published vascular plant species recognised had reached 9640 - almost double since the work of Beard in 1969.[2]

The publication of the book was an important stage of the cataloguing of details of flora in Western Australia.[3]

The introduction of the book by Alex R. Chapman is available as a PDF file, at the external link at FloraBase.[4]

Floristic regions[edit]

The front inside cover has an important distinctive map of Western Australian Biogeographic Regions and Botanical Provinces, after Creswell and Thackray 1995 - the authors of the IBRA system.

After Beard's summary of Diels, Burbidge and Gardner in 1980 he established the three phytogeographic provinces - Northern, Eremaean, and South West, and the map links in the relationship of these with the IBRA regions and sub regions.

Publication details[edit]

  • Paczkowska, Grazyna and Alex R. Chapman (2000). The Western Australian Flora : a descriptive catalogue Perth, W.A: Wildflower Society of Western Australia : Western Australian Herbarium: Western Australian Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority ISBN 0-646-40100-9 (pbk.)

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