The Wham of that Memphis Man

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The Wham of That Memphis Man
Lonnie Mack - The Wham of That Memphis Man!.jpg
Studio album by Lonnie Mack
Released 1964
Recorded Cincinnati, Ohio
Genre Rhythm & blues, blues-rock, blue-eyed soul, instrumental rock
Length 32:16
Label Fraternity
Producer Harry Carlson
Lonnie Mack chronology
The Wham of That Memphis Man
Glad I'm in the Band
(1969)Glad I'm in the Band1969
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars [1]
Rolling Stone (positive) [2]

The Wham of That Memphis Man is a 1964 album by Lonnie Mack.

This album, Mack's first, was recorded between March and November 1963 and was released by the small Cincinnati label Fraternity Records in early 1964.

Mack is considered a founder of the virtuoso blues-rock guitar genre, for his fast-paced instrumentals, "Memphis" and "Wham!". The first of these, "Memphis", was released as a single in early 1963, and rose to #4 on Billboard's R&B charts, and #5 on Billboard's Pop charts, in June of that year. "Wham" was released as a single later in 1963, and rose to #24 on Billboard's Pop charts. Both of these recordings are found on the album.

The album also included several Mack vocals, done primarily in a gospel style for which Mack became well-known.

The album has been re-released at least nine times, most recently on the Ace label in 2006. It is also currently available (along with 23 other Mack recordings from the early 1960s) on the Flying V record label as the two-volume set "Direct Hits and Close Calls".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wham!" (Lonnie Mack)
  2. "Where There's a Will There's a Way" (Lou Williams)
  3. "Bounce" (Charles Fizer, Walter Ward, Eddie Lewis)
  4. "I'll Keep You Happy" (Hank Ballard)
  5. "Memphis" (Chuck Berry)
  6. "Baby What's Wrong" (Jimmy Reed)
  7. "Down and Out" (Lonnie Mack)
  8. "Satisfied" (Martha Carson)
  9. "Susie-Q" (Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis, Eleanor Broadwater)
  10. "Why" (Lonnie Mack)
  11. "Down in the Dumps" (Lonnie Mack)

The track listing shows the eleven tracks in the order in which they appeared on the original release.[3] An expanded version of the album, incorporating the original cover art, was released in 1969 by Elektra Records under the title "For Collectors Only". It adds two tracks ("Farther on Down the Road" and "Chicken Pickin'") to those included on the original release. It begins with "Wham!" as track 1, as on the original, but thereafter the track order differs completely from that of the original 1964 album.


  • Lonnie Mack - guitar, vocals
  • Wayne Bullock - bass, keyboards
  • David Byrd - keyboards
  • Truman Fields - keyboards
  • Ron Grayson - drums
  • Don Henry - saxophone
  • Marv Lieberman - saxophone
  • Irv Russotto - saxophone
  • Bill Jones - bass


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