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Staff of The Worker, 1892

The Worker was a newspaper published in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia between 1890 and 1974. The newspaper is affiliated with the Australian Labor Party.[1]


The newspaper was first published as Vol. 1, no. 1 on 1 March 1890 and the last issue was Vol. 85, no. 4119 on 19 August 1974. It was originally known as The Australian Workman, and later as The Brisbane Worker.[1] While the official title of the newspaper is The worker : monthly journal of the Associated Workers of Queensland, from 1896 the subtitle was changed to Official journal of the Federated Workers of Queensland. Between 1917 and 1918 the subtitle was Australia's pioneer co-operative labor journal.[2]


The paper has been digitised as part of the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program of the National Library of Australia.[3][4]

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