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The Yayhoos are an American rock group. The band was once described as the "Harlem Globetrotters of Roots Rock",[1][2]"a genuine, supergroup of southern-rock and heavyweights" [3] and just "supergroup."[4] The four bandmates share singing, songwriting and playing duties.

Members' background[edit]

  • Dan Baird was frontman of The Georgia Satellites. He has also been a producer and guitarist with several other bands, including with Will Hoge and a new band, Homemade Sin[5] (with Keith Christopher and Mauro Magellan. Ken McMahan [6] was the original guitarist but Warner Hodges of Jason & the Scorchers joined the band before they made their first record).[7]
  • Eric Ambel was a founding member in Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and the Del-Lords. He produced several records by The Bottle Rockets and other Americana and Rock and Roll bands in addition to releasing three solo albums. Ambel toured and recorded as the guitarist for Steve Earle & the Dukes from 2000 to 2005, appearing on 2 studio albums and 2 live DVD's including Earle's 2005 Contemporary Folk Grammy Award winning album "The Revolution Starts Now". He also owns Cowboy Technical Services Recording Studio[8] and The Lakeside Lounge[9] in NYC.[10]
  • Terry Anderson (Drums) played in The Woodpeckers and wrote a lot of songs for both The Georgia Satellites and Dan Baird, as well as releasing a number of solo albums. Terry is frontman of The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team.[11]



  • In the 2006 horror movie Slither The Yayhoos song "Baby I Love You" written by Eric Ambel could be heard during the credits.
  • On his radio show, Bob Dylan played The Yayhoos song "Bottle and a Bible" from their Bloodshot Records release "Fear Not The Obvious" written by Dan Baird and Terry Anderson in October 2006.
  • The Yayhoos did a short European tour in February 2007.
  • Almost two years after recording and releasing "Fear Not the Obvious", The Yayhoos showed their still underground status by playing a concert booked just for them in the living room of a Herndon, Virginia resident and long-time fan.


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