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The building of NO99 on Sakala street, Tallinn.

Theatre NO99 is a theatre in Tallinn, Estonia that began to operate in February 2005. It is a state-owned repertoire theatre that has its own building with two theatre halls in central Tallinn. The theatre’s artistic director is Tiit Ojasoo, and Ene-Liis Semper is the chief stage designer-director. The troupe consists of 10 actors, eight men and two women. The theatre produces two to four new stage productions for the large hall every season. In addition, co-production projects (for example, with the theatre school) premiere in the small hall. Drama productions are staged primarily in the large hall. They aspire towards artistic exactingness and social relevance. Texts are often composed by the directors themselves (or in cooperation with actors). Adaptations of film screenplays have been produced on several occasions. In some cases, finished drama texts have also been brought to the stage. Some of the authors that have been produced are McDonagh, Kurosawa, Tarkovski, Jarry, Mishima, Chekhov, Shakespeare, and others.

In addition to productions in the large and small halls, plays have been staged in the open air as well: in an old swimming pool (Seven Samurais), and in three abandoned airplane hangars (King Ubu). The theatre also organises so called one-time "actions", in which the success or failure of a somewhat crazy idea is tested. In addition to Ojasoo and Semper, other Estonian directors also direct plays in the theatre, as do guests from abroad (for example, Sebastian Hartmann, Aleksander Pepeljajev). Guest actors from other theatres also participate in NO99 productions.

The theatre has won several national and also international festival awards for productions, and for stage design and acting. Several productions have been invited to participate in international festivals in Austria (Wiener Festwochen), Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Finland, Lithuania, and other countries.

The theatre has also issued several publications as an extension of its activities.

The name of the theatre is NO99, although it has no connection with classical no-theatre. NO is an abbreviation of the word “number” and 99 has decreased by one with each new production.

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