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Themroc (movie poster).jpg
French film poster for Themroc
Directed by Claude Faraldo
Produced by François de Lannurien
Helène Vager
Written by Claude Faraldo
Starring Michel Piccoli
Béatrice Romand
Music by Harald Maury
Release date
Running time
106 min.
Country France
Language Gibberish

Themroc is a 1973 French satirical film by director Claude Faraldo. It was produced by François de Lannurien and Helène Vager and its original music was composed by Harald Maury. Made on a low budget with no intelligible dialog, Themroc tells the story of a French blue collar worker who rebels against modern society, reverting into an urban caveman. The film's scenes of incest and cannibalism earned it adults-only ratings. It was the first film to be shown in the UK's Channel 4's red triangle series of controversial films in 1986. It has become a cult film.[1][2]

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