Theodore Roscoe

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Theodore Roscoe
Born20 Feb 1906
Rochester, New York, United States
Died29 May 1992
Florida, United States
Occupationbiographer, historian, short story writer, novelist
NationalityUnited States
GenreAdventure, Fantasy, History
SubjectAbraham Lincoln

Theodore Roscoe (1906–1992) was an American biographer and writer of adventure, fantasy novels and stories. Roscoe's stories appeared in pulp magazines including Argosy, Wings, Flying Stories, Far East Adventure Stories, Fight Stories, Action Stories and Adventure. A collection of his stories, The Wonderful Lips of Thibong Linh, was published by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in 1981. Altus Press has published a 3 volume collection of his "Thibaut Corday and the Foreign Legion" stories, and a biography of him in 2012. The biography "PULPMASTER: The Theodore Roscoe Story," by Audrey Parente, published by Starmont House (Mercer Island,WA, 1992) was reprinted by Altus Press (Mass.) in 2012.

Roscoe was commissioned by the United States Naval Institute to write the detailed and massive histories United States Submarine Operations in World War II (1949) and United States Destroyer Operations in World War II (1953), as well as a 737-page book detailing United States history with a focus on the role of the US Navy (titled This Is Your Navy (1950) and given to navy recruits at boot camp). He subsequently wrote several other books on naval history including The Trent Affair, November, 1861: U.S. detainment of a British ship nearly brings war with England (1972).


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