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Theresa Allore
Theresa Allore.jpg
Theresa Allore in 1978
DisappearedLennoxville, Quebec
DiedNovember 3, 1978 (aged 19)
Body discoveredApril 13, 1979 Compton, Quebec
Known forUnsolved death for 40 years, 9 months and 5 days
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight115 lb (52 kg)
  • Robert Allore (father)
  • Marilyn Allore (mother)

Theresa Allore was a 19-year-old Canadian college student who disappeared on Friday, November 3, 1978 from Champlain College Lennoxville in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.[1]

1978 Disappearance & Discovery[edit]

Theresa Allore was a 19-year-old Canadian when she disappeared in 1978.[2] Five months later, on April 13, 1979, her body was discovered in a small body of water approximately one kilometer from her dormitory residence in Compton, Quebec.[3] Upon her disappearance police initially suggested she was a runaway. When her body was discovered police then suggested that she was the possible victim of a drug overdose, perhaps with the assistance of fellow college students.[4]

2002 Re-investigation[edit]

In the summer of 2002, the family of Theresa Allore enlisted the support of an investigative reporter and friend, Patricia Pearson, who produced a series of articles for Canada's National Post newspaper that presented compelling evidence that Theresa Allore was a victim of murder, and that her death was possibly linked to two other unsolved local cases: the death of 10-year-old Manon Dube in March 1978, and the murder of Louise Camirand in 1977.[5] The theory was supported by geographic profiler and then FBI consultant, Kim Rossmo, who suggested a serial sexual predator may have been operating in the Quebec region in the late 1970s and advised police to investigate the three deaths as a series.[6] Rossmo later gained notoriety when, in 1998, he suggested that Vancouver police create a serial killer task force to investigate the multiple cases of missing women from Vancouver's downtown Eastside.[7] Robert Pickton was eventually arrested and found guilty of six murders, though he was accused of, and implicated in, an additional 26 murders of Vancouver missing women.[8]

The deaths of Theresa Allore, Manon Dubé, and Louise Camirand remain unsolved cold-cases.[9]


Since 2002, John Allore - who maintains the website, Who Killed Theresa?, and hosts the podcast of the same name[10] - has continued the investigation.[11] Allore has geographically identified 14 other unsolved murders from 1975 to 1981 which may be associated. The related cases are: Sharron Prior,[12] Lise Choquette,[13] Louise Camirand,[14] Jocelyne Houle,[15] Chantal Tremblay,[16] Johanne Dorion,[17] Hélène Monast,[18] Katherine Hawkes,[19] Denise Bazinet,[20] Manon Dubé,[21] Lison Blais,[22] Nicole Gaudreaux, Tammy Leakey,[23] and Johanne Lemieux.[24]

Quebec Cold Case Squads[edit]

For years John Allore lobbied for the creation of a Surete du Quebec cold case unit. In 2004 the squad was created, with a mandate to solve over 600 cases under its jurisdiction. The first case added was Helene Monast[25] In 2018 the Surete du Quebec added 25 officers to the unit, significantly increasing its capacity.[26] By the spring of 2018 all the major cases referenced by John Allore that were under the Surete du Quebec's jurisdiction - Louise Camirand, Chantal Tremblay, Helene Monast, Denise Bazinet, Manon Dubé and Theresa Allore - had been added to the Surete du Quebec's cold case website.[27]

On January 17, 2019 the Montreal police, the SPVM announced it was replicating the efforts of the Surete du Quebec and creating its own cold case squad consisting initially of 6 detectives and a detective lieutenant to tackle their backlog of over 800 unsolved murders on the island of Montreal. The Quebec daily, La Presse suggested the announcement was in a large part due to the lobbying efforts of John Allore[28] who has pointed out for years that of those 800 cases, only 4 have been publicized on the SPVM website.[29]

Continued Investigation[edit]

Beginning in 2018, John Allore started to focus on other Quebec cases from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, cases that further suggest systemic failures in Quebec criminal justice. The related cases are: Alice Pare,[30] Lyette Gibb,[31] Sophie Landry,[32] Chantal Rochon,[33] Valerie Dalpe,[34] Marie Eve Lariviere,[35] Melanie Cabay,[36] Marie Chantale Desjardins,[37] Joleil Campeau,[38] Debbie Buck,[39] Johanne Beardoin, Danielle Laplante, Jolène Riendeau,[40] Carole Dupont,[41] Diane Thibeault,[42] Nathalie Boucher,[43] Brigitte Roberge,[44] Guylaine Potvin,[45] Ursula Schulze,[46] Melanie Descamps,[47] Claudette Poirier,[48] Lucie Beaudoin,[49] Suzanne Charbonneau, Sylvie Michaud, Francine Da Sylva, Margaret Peggy Coleman,[50] Barbara Myers,[51] Jocelyne Beaudoin, Renee Lessard,[52] Julie Surprenant and Cedrika Provencher.

In 2009 John Allore contributed the chapter, What Happened to Theresa Allore? to the Kim Rossmo book, Criminal Investigative Failures.[53] In November 2018 John Allore was awarded the Senate of Canada’s Sesquicentennial Medal for his work in victims advocacy for “recognition of your valuable service to the nation.”[54]

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