This Fragile Moment

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This Fragile Moment
This Fragile Moment (Toyah album - cover art0.jpg
Studio album by This Fragile Moment
Released 2009
Recorded 2009, Estonia
Genre Experimental
Label Unsung Records
Producer Markus Reuter, This Fragile Moment, Lee Fletcher (production assistance)

This Fragile Moment is an album in Toyah Willcox's discography that comprises experimental songs derived largely from live-in-the-studio group improvisations. The other musicians are Chris Wong of Toyah's other band The Humans, producer & touch guitarist Markus Reuter, plus the Estonian duo Fragile: Arvo Urb (drums) and Robert Jürjendal (guitar).[1]It was conceived and recorded in Tallinn, Estonia during the summer of 2009.[2]

The album was released on the German label Unsung Records. Though the sleeve notes quote 2010, early copies were sold exclusively via Unsung Records' online store in November 2009.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stones" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  2. "Break The Mould" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  3. "Don't Even Try" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  4. "Run With Me" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  5. "Boredom is a Killer" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  6. "Fragile" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  7. "Blow The Pain Away" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  8. "Born Broken" (Urb, Jürjendal, Willcox, Reuter, Wong)
  9. "In Estonia" (Willcox)




  • Art direction and design: Ritxi Ostáriz


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