Velvet Lined Shell

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Velvet Lined Shell
Studio album by Toyah
Released 2003
Recorded 2002, 2003
Genre Punk rock
Label Vertical Species Records
Producer Tim Elsenburg, Toyah Willcox, Jon Cotton
Toyah chronology
The Acoustic Album
Velvet Lined Shell
In The Court Of The Crimson Queen

Velvet Lined Shell is a 6 track mini-album by Toyah Willcox. It was cited[by whom?] as a return to her punk roots. Recorded in her home town of Birmingham, most of the tracks have a deliberately raw feel to them, with Willcox naming Nick Cave and Garbage amongst her newer influences.[citation needed]

Like Toyah's first album, Sheep Farming In Barnet, Velvet Lined Shell was a compilation of tracks previously released on single and EP in their own right. Three tracks on this album first appeared on the 2002 Little Tears Of Love EP, which was sold exclusively via Wilcox's website, and strictly limited to 1000 signed copies. One track from that EP, the Tim Elsenburg composition "Experience", does not feature on the album.

Three of the musicians on this album, Anthony Bishop, Tim Elsenburg and Alistair Hamer, are members of experimental rock band Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Every Scar Has A Silver Lining 3.25
  2. Velvet Lined Shell 4.14
  3. Little Tears Of Love 3.23
  4. You're A Miracle 3.00
  5. Mother 4.20
  6. Troublesome Thing 4.21

All tracks written by Toyah Willcox and Tim Elsenburg.


  • Toyah Willcox - vocals
  • Tim Elsenburg - guitars and backing vocals
  • Anthony Bishop - bass guitar and backing vocals
  • Alistair Hamer - drums
  • Jon Cotton - keyboards


Produced by Tim Elsenburg, Toyah Willcox and Jon Cotton. Mixed by Jon Cotton and Tim Elsenburg. Recorded at Artisan Audio, Birmingham.