This Should Move Ya

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This Should Move Ya
This Should Move Ya.jpg
Studio album by Mantronix
Released 1990
Genre Dance music, Hip hop
Label Capitol/EMI Records
0777 7 94479 2 3
Producer Kurtis Mantronik
Mantronix chronology
In Full Effect
(1988)In Full Effect1988
This Should Move Ya
The Incredible Sound Machine
(1991)The Incredible Sound Machine1991
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

This Should Move Ya is the fourth album by old school hip hop/electro funk group Mantronix, and the second Mantronix album released on Capitol Records. This Should Move Ya featured new members Bryce "Luvah" Wilson and Kurtis Mantronik’s cousin D.J. D, who joined founding member Mantronik following the departure of rapper MC Tee.

The album featured the high-profile single "Got to Have Your Love", which reached #4 on the British Hit Singles chart in 1990.

Track listing[edit]

  1. “This Should Move Ya” (Bryce Luvah)—2:55
  2. Got to Have Your Love(Mantronik, Bryce Luvah)—6:15
  3. “Sex-N-Drugs and Rock-N-Roll” (Dury, Jankel, Mantronik, Bryce Luvah)—3:34
  4. “Tonight Is Right” (Bryce Luvah)—4:07
  5. “(I’m) Just Adjustin My Mic” (Bryce Luvah)—3:25
  6. “Stone Cold Roach” (Bryce Luvah)—3:18
  7. “Take Your Time (featuring vocalist Wondress) (Bonus Track)” (Mantronik)—4:12
  8. “I Get Lifted” (Bryce Luvah)—3:32
  9. “Don’t You Want More” (Bryce Luvah)—3:48
  10. “I Like the Way (You Do It!)” (Bryce Luvah)—4:00
  11. “Get Stupid Part IV (Get On Up ’90)” (Bryce Luvah)—3:08
  12. “(I'm) Just Adjustin My Mic (’90)” (Bryce Luvah)—2:50
  13. “King of the Beats Lesson #1” (Bryce Luvah)—3:25
  14. “Don’t You Want More (Club) (Bonus Track)” (Bryce Luvah)—6:08

Chart positions[edit]

Billboard Music Charts (North America)—album

Year Chart Chart position
1990 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #61
1990 The Billboard 200 #161

British Hit Singles—singles

Year Single Chart Chart position
1990 Got to Have Your Love British Hit Singles #4
1990 “Take Your Time (featuring Wondress)” British Hit Singles #10