Thomas Jermyn (died 1659)

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Thomas Jermyn (died 11 November 1659) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons variously between 1625 and 1644. He supported the Royalist cause in the English Civil War.

Jermyn was the son of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrooke, Suffolk and his wife Catherine Killigrew, daughter of Sir William Killigrew. He lived at Rushbrooke Hall. He was admitted at Emmanuel College, Cambridge on 13 June 1622 and was awarded BA in 1626 and MA in 1629.[1] He served Prince Charles as a page during his Spanish journey in 1623.[2]

In 1624 Jermyn was elected Member of Parliament for Bere Alston and in 1625 was elected MP for Leicester. He was elected MP for Lancaster in 1626 and for Clitheroe in 1628 and sat until 1629 when King Charles decided to rule without parliament for eleven years.[3]

In April 1640, Jermyn was elected Member of Parliament for Corfe Castle together with his brother Henry in the Short Parliament, and in November 1640, the brothers were elected MPs for Bury St Edmunds in the Long Parliament.[3] Jermyn supported the King and was disabled from sitting in parliament on 14 February 1644.[4]

Jermyn was the father of Thomas who inherited the title of Baron Jermyn from Jermyn's brother Henry.


Parliament of England
Preceded by
Thomas Keightley
Sir Thomas Wise
Member of Parliament for Bere Alston
With: William Strode
Succeeded by
Sir Thomas Cheek
William Strode
Preceded by
Sir Humphrey May
William Ive
Member of Parliament for Leicester
With: Sir George Hastings
Succeeded by
Sir Humphrey May
Sir George Hastings
Preceded by
Sir Humphrey May
Sir Thomas Fanshawe
Member of Parliament for Lancaster
With: Sir Thomas Fanshawe
Succeeded by
Sir Thomas Fanshawe
Francis Bindlosse
Preceded by
Ralph Asheton
George Kirke
Member of Parliament for Clitheroe
With: William Newell
Succeeded by
Parliament suspended until 1640
Preceded by
Parliament suspended since 1629
Member of Parliament for Corfe Castle
With: Henry Jermyn
Succeeded by
Sir Francis Windebank
Giles Green
Preceded by
Sir Thomas Jermyn
John Godbolt
Member of Parliament for Bury St Edmunds
With: Henry Jermyn 1640–1643
Succeeded by
Sir William Spring, 2nd Baronet
Sir Thomas Barnardiston