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The Thompson Ministry was the 60th ministry of the Government of Victoria. It was led by the Premier of Victoria, Lindsay Thompson, of the Liberal Party. The ministry was sworn in on 5 June 1981.[1]


Office Minister


The Hon Lindsay Thompson, MLA

Deputy Premier
Minister of Health

The Hon Bill Borthwick, MLA

Minister of Education

The Hon Alan Hunt, MLC

Minister for Federal Affairs
Minister of Consumer Affairs

The Hon Haddon Storey, MLC

Minister for Minerals and Energy

The Hon Digby Crozier, MLC

Minister for Conservation
Minister of Lands
Minister of Soldier Settlement

The Hon Vasey Houghton, MLC

Minister for Employment and Training
Minister for Youth, Sport and Recreation

The Hon Brian Dixon, MLA

Minister for Police and Emergency Services

The Hon Jock Granter, MLC

Minister of Transport

The Hon Rob Maclellan, MLA

Minister for Community Welfare Services

The Hon Walter Jona, MLA

Minister for Economic Development
Minister of Labour and Industry

The Hon Jim Ramsay, MLA

Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Forests

The Hon Tom Austin, MLA

Minister for Local Government
Minister for Planning

The Hon Lou Lieberman, MLA

Minister of Public Works
Minister for Property and Services

The Hon Alan Wood, MLA

Minister for the Arts
Minister of Educational Services

The Hon Norman Lacy, MLA

Minister of Housing
Minister of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

The Hon Jeff Kennett, MLA

Minister of Water Supply

The Hon Owen Jenkins, MLC

Minister for Tourism
Minister for State Development, Decentralization and Tourism

The Hon Graeme Weideman, MLA


  1. ^ "Ministers of the Crown". Victorian Government Gazette: p. 1981:1833. 5 June 1981.
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