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Thorpe Hazell is a fictional detective created by the British author Victor Lorenzo Whitechurch. Hazell was a railway expert and a vegetarian, whom the author intended to be as far from Sherlock Holmes as possible. Short stories about Thorpe Hazell appeared in the Strand Magazine, Railway Magazine,[1] Pearson's and Harmsworth's Magazines. They were collected in Thrilling Stories of the Railway (1912).

Radio adaptation[edit]

Five stories were adapted for radio read by Benedict Cumberbatch on BBC Radio 7[2]

No. Original airdate Title
1 8 December 2008 The Affair of the German Dispatch-Box
2. 9 December 2008 Sir Gilbert Murrell's Picture
3. 10 December 2008 The Affair of the Corridor Express
4. 11 December 2008 The Stolen Necklace
5. 12 December 2008 The Affair of the Birmingham Bank