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This article is about a singing trio. For an album by Kimya Dawson, see Thunder Thighs.
Origin United Kingdom
Years active 1973 (1973)–1977 (1977)
Past members
  • Karen Friedman
  • Dari Lalou
  • Casey Synge

Thunderthighs were a high-profile UK[1] backing vocal group, who quickly became artists in their own right.


The female trio, consisting of Karen Friedman, Dari Lalou and Casey Synge,[2] provided the backing vocals to Lou Reed's hit single, "Walk on the Wild Side" (from his 1972 Transformer album). It was around this vocal arrangement that singer-songwriter Lynsey De Paul wrote their first single, "Central Park Arrest", which reached number 30 in the UK Singles Chart in 1974.[1][3] It also reached #3 on the Radio Northsea Toppers 20 [4] and #25 on the Radio Luxembourg top forty.[5] The single received critical acclaim, being listed in the New Musical Express as one of the best singles released in 1974 in the End Of Year Critic List.[6] Further singles followed like "Dracula's Daughter" (1974) (produced by Steve Rowland[7]) and "Stand Up and Cheer". An album was recorded, but was shelved as further hits were not forthcoming, although it is now available at BR Music .[8]

They were, however, in demand and provided backing vocals for Mott the Hoople on the single version of their hit, "Roll Away the Stone" (although De Paul delivered the spoken bridge on the later The Hoople album version). Thunderthighs had already appeared on Mott the Hoople's earlier 1973 album, Mott, on the track "Hymn for the Dudes".

In addition, Thunderthighs worked with the following:[9]



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