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TIA or Tia may refer to:


Business and government[edit]


  • Tia, Burkina Faso, a village in the Siglé Department of Boulkiemdé Province
  • Tia, New South Wales, a settlement and parish in Australia
  • Tia, a village of Motusa in Fiji
  • Tia-ye Olya, a village in Iran
  • Tia-ye Sofla, a village in Iran
  • In Africa, there's a saying, "TIA", meaning "This Is Africa"—a term of endearment/explanation typically used when tourists from western countries visit Africa, or expats work in Africa, to shrug off power shut downs, old technology, slow pace of business, questionable business ethics and dealings, etc.

Literature and arts[edit]

  • Tia and Megumi Oumi, characters in the anime and manga series Zatch Bell!
  • The Intellectual Activist, U.S. monthly Objectivist magazine
  • Tia, a character in the French animated television series Galactik Football
  • "T.I.A.", a song by Somali-Canadian hip-hop artist K'naan from the album Troubadour
  • Tournament Indoor Association, a division of Tournament of Bands which sanctions competitions for indoor guard, marching percussion, concert percussion, twirlers and dance team units
  • Tia, one of the characters from the Diva Starz toy line



  • TiA (born 1987), female Japanese singer
  • Tia, female Japanese singer
  • Tia, an early Maori explorer
  • Princess Tia an ancient Egyptian princess during the 19th dynasty
  • Tia Bajpai (born 1989), Indian actress and singer
  • Tia Ballard (born 1986), American actress, artist, comedian, writer, and voice actress for FUNimation Entertainment
  • Tia Barrett (1947–2009), New Zealand diplomat
  • Tia Carrere (born 1967), American actress, model and singer
  • Tia DeNora, professor of Sociology of Music and director of Research at the University of Exeter
  • Tia Fuller (born 1976), American saxophonist, composer, and educator
  • Tia Hellebaut (born 1978), Belgian Olympic champion and athlete
  • Tia Kar, Indian actress and singer
  • Tia Keyes, Irish specialist in photochemistry and molecular spectroscopy
  • Tia Lessin, American documentary filmmaker
  • Tia Mowry (born 1978), American actress and singer
  • Tia Neiva (1926–1985), Brazilian medium
  • Tia Paschal (born 1969), American retired women's basketball player
  • Tia Powell, American psychiatrist and bioethicist
  • Tia Sharp, a 12-year-old English schoolgirl; see Death of Tia Sharp
  • Tia Shorts, American beauty queen
  • Tia Texada (born 1971), American actress and singer
  • Tia Walker (born 1970), American blogger and publisher
  • John Tia (born 1954), Ghanaian politician
  • Olivier Tia (born 1982), Ivorian footballer


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