Tianjin Museum

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Tianjin Museum
炫彩津门31Tianjin Museum.jpg
Tianjin Museum at night
Established 2006
Location Tianjin, China
Director Chen Zhuo
Website http://www.tjbwg.com

Tianjin Museum is the largest museum in Tianjin, China, exhibiting a range of cultural and historical relics significant to Tianjin. The museum lies in Yinhe Plaza in the Hexi District of Tianjin and covers an area of about 50,000 sq metres. The unique architectural style of the museum, whose appearance resembles that of a swan spreading its wings, has meant that it is quickly becoming one of the city's iconic buildings.

The Tianjin Museum has an extensive collection of ancient Chinese fine arts and exhibits on Tianjin's history. There are nearly 200,000 collections of art and relics, including calligraphy, paintings, bronzeware, ceramics, jadeware, seals, inkstone, Jiagu (bones or tortoise shells with inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty), coins, historic documents and relics of modern times.

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