Tiger Style

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Tiger Style
Founded 2009 (2009)
Founders David Kalina and Randy Smith
Services Video Game Studio
Website www.tigerstylegames.com
For the record company, see Tiger Style Records. For the Kung-fu style, see Tiger Kung Fu. For the Kuntao style, see Kuntao. For the Tiger fashion style, see Tigerstripe. For the Scottish band, see Tigerstyle.

Tiger Style is an award-winning American independent video game studio. The studio was founded by industry veterans Randy Smith and David Kalina in 2009. Their first title Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, was released in August 2009, followed by Waking Mars in 2012. They are a fully independent collective of designers, artists, and musicians dedicated to bringing original, high quality games to iOS. The studio is known for working remotely, and is known for their cooperative pay structure, distributing royalties among the game production teams.[1][2]


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