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Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (Russian: ЗАО "Тихвинский ферросплавный завод" - ТФЗ) is a company based in Tikhvin, Russia.


In 1994 a company was established to construct a $110million plant capable of producing 140,000t of ferrochromium and 150,000t of crushed slag per year. A referendum in 1997 in Tikhvin opposed the establishment of the plant; after acquisition by the ICT Group in 2001 of the unfinished project the company announced its intention to complete construction of the plant.[1]

Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant began production in 2007.[2]

In April 2008 the plant's owner Oriel Resources Ltd. was acquired by Mechel. A low world demand for ferrochromium delayed the factory's ramp up to full production with two furnaces started in 2007, and two in 2008, the company began production from concentrated chrome ore from the Mechel held Voskhod chrome processing plant (ГОКа "Восход-Хром".[3]) in Kazakhstan in early 2009. The plant's four furnaces have a maximum power of 22.5 MW. In 2009 production was 53,900t (chromium equivalent) with a typical chromium content of 69-70% in the ferroalloys.[4][5][6]

In 2010 it employed 720 people.[2] The opening of the plant in contravention of the local populace's wishes remains contentious, and has been seen as an example of government colluding with big business.[7][8]

In 2013 Mechel sold its ferroalloy holdings including the Tikhvin plant to Yildirim (Turkey).[9][10]


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