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Lit tiki torches

A tiki torch is a bamboo torch that originated in Tiki culture, but increased in popularity and spread to other places where it is a popular party decoration and can create a tropical island aesthetic to outdoor decorations.

The common style is to have a bamboo stick with a container of flammable fluid at the top, and then a lit wick drawing from that container.[1]

The popularity in America rose in the 1930s and further increased in the following decades.[2] The TIKI brand of torches, common in the US, was launched in the 1950s; since 2001, they are made by Lamplight Farms Incorporated, a W. C. Bradley Co. subsidiary based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.[3]

Tiki torches are also used as festive decorations in some Southeast Asian festivals, such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malaysia (alongside pelita oil lamps and ketupat), Loi Krathong in Thailand (next to the floating krathong baskets flowing along a river), and Khuado in Chin State in Myanmar.

Some flowers have been nicknamed "Tiki Torch":

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