Tikri, Pakistan

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This article is about a town in Pakistan. For other uses, see Tikri.

Tikri is a town and a valley of Battagram The place was named after Tikri Gujjars, while they formerly ruled the Gurjara Pratihara Kingdom for centuries. It is located in Batagram Tehsil, Batagram District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is located at 34°37'20N 73°1'10E and lies to the south of the district capital Batagram.[1]

Tikri is a well known beautiful valley of the Batagram district of KPK province. It is approx. 15 kilometers far from the district headquarters. The main population comprises a Pashtun Tribes of Swatis who are reported to have migrated to this area in 1490 from Swat and wrested this area from the clutches of Timur's army.

Three main tribes of Swatis dwell in this area namely; Malkal, Ashlor and Naror are residing in tikri vicinity. They are very peaceful loving, hospitable and have good sense of humor.


Coordinates: 34°37′20″N 73°1′10″E / 34.62222°N 73.01944°E / 34.62222; 73.01944