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Tim Flach
Nationality British
Education Central St. Martin's
Occupation photography
Website timflach.com (requires Flash)

Tim Flach is a British photographer who specialises in studio photography of animals. He has published several books of photographs.


Flach was born in London, where he works and lives with his wife and son.[1][2]


Flach works in a studio in Shoreditch, in the East End of London. Many of his photographs are of captive animals and are taken under highly controlled conditions with the help of a large support team.[3]:155[4] For his book Endangered, published in 2017, he also photographed some wild animals in their natural habitat.[5]

Flach is known for his use of the principles of human portraiture to engage with debates on anthropocentrism.[6]

His work has been commissioned and featured by publications such as National Geographic,[7] Creative Review,[8] The New York Times,[9] The Guardian[10] and The New Scientist.[11] He has lectured at universities worldwide,[12] as well as at institutions such as the Zoological Society of London[13] and the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.[14] He has released five books to date: Equus (2008), Dogs: Gods (2010), More than Human (2012), Evolution (2013) and Endangered (2017).



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