The Timberland Company

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The Timberland Company
Industry Fashion
Founded 1918; 100 years ago (1918)
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Founder Nathan Swartz
Headquarters Stratham, New Hampshire, U.S.
Number of locations
85 (United States)
34 (United Kingdom)
18 (Bangladesh) 18(Canada)
11 (Brazil)
5 (Chile)
3 (Venezuela)
1 (Colombia)
Products Footwear and Apparel
Revenue $1.5 billion USD (2011) [1]
Number of employees
2,016 (U.S.)
3,402 (foreign)
Parent VF Corporation

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Timberland LLC is an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoors wear, with a focus on footwear. It is owned by VF Corporation. Timberland footwear is marketed towards people intending outdoor use.[4] The company also sells apparel, such as clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses and leather goods.

Timberland’s corporate headquarters are located in Stratham, New Hampshire. Timberland also operates from offices in other parts of the world. Horween Leather Company supplies leather shells for footwear to the Timberland Company.[5]

Company history[edit]

Timberland store, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • In 1928, Timberland founder Nathan Swartz (born in Odessa, Ukraine) began his shoe making career in Boston, Massachusetts, as an apprentice stitcher.
  • In 1952, Nathan Swartz bought half an interest in The Abington Shoe Company in South Boston, mainly doing contract work for other manufacturers.
  • In 1955, Nathan bought the remaining interest and brought his sons into the company.
  • In 1965, the Swartz family introduced the then innovative injection-molding technology into the footwear industry. This enabled the production of virtually waterproof boots made in colder temperature form or in tropical weather form depending on the customer, by connecting the soles to the leather uppers without stitching.[6]
  • In 1969, moved the base of its manufacturing operations to Newmarket, New Hampshire.
  • In 1973, the brand name "Timberland" was introduced for the waterproof leather boots produced by the company. Because the boot proved to be very popular, the company name was officially changed to The Timberland Company.
  • From 1978 to 1979, Timberland added casual and boat shoes to its boots product line.
  • In the 1980s, the company expanded internationally – first into the Italian market (thanks to the "Paninari" youth movement in Milan who wore and launched the Timberland brand), and later to many other countries.
  • In 1984, purchased a former Melville factory in Tennessee and relocated manufacturing.
  • Herman Swartz, one of the founder's sons, took the helm at the company. Under his leadership Timberland began to evolve its brand, adding clothing and women's shoes to its products.
  • By 1985, over 1 million pairs of Timberlands were sold
  • In 1986, Herman was looking to retire. Both Nike and his brother had offers to buy him out and Sidney became the new CEO. Sidney also brings in his son, Jeffery as Head of International Sales.
  • Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the Timberland Company added more product lines such as backpacks, watches, and kids' footwear.
  • As Timberland expanded their inventory, popularity increased. Sales tripled as professional rappers such as DMX, and Mobb Deep, began wearing the brand.[7]
  • In 1998, the Timberland PRO series of "Workboots for the Professional" was launched. Jeffrey Swartz stepped up to become Chief Executive Officer of the company and brand his grandfather, uncle, and father had started.[8]
  • In February 2007, the company acquired Howies, the Welsh clothing company.[9]
  • In September 2007, Timberland acquired skateboard-footwear company, iPath.[10] Ipath was sold in 2011 to Klone Labs.[11]
  • In June 2011, Timberland signed a definitive merger agreement with VF Corporation at $43 per share or approximately $2 billion.[12]
  • In 2012, Howies was sold to its management by VF.[13]


Timberland boots are a common shoe in streetwear

In addition to stores in the United States, Timberland also operates stores worldwide, including several retail and factory outlets in Canada,[14] United Kingdom,[15] Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, France, Australia, South Africa and The Netherlands.


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