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Tiny may refer to:



  • Tiny BASIC, a dialect of the computer programming language BASIC
  • Tiny Encryption Algorithm, in cryptography, a block cipher notable for its simplicity of description and implementation
  • Tiny Computers, a defunct UK computer manufacturer
  • TinyMCE, a web-based editor
  • TinyMUD, a MUD server
    • MU*, a family of MUD servers often called the Tiny family


  • Tara Tiny, an Indian electric car
  • Tiny (car), a British cyclecar manufactured between 1912 and 1915



  • Nate Archibald (born 1948), American National Basketball Association player
  • Tiny Bonham (1913–1949), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tiny Bradshaw (1905–1958), American jazz and rhythm and blues bandleader, singer, composer, and musician
  • Tiny Broadwick (1893–1978), American pioneering parachutist
  • Tiny Cahoon (1900–1973), American National Football League player
  • Tameka Cottle, (born 1975), American singer-songwriter and former member of Xscape
  • Tiny Croft (1920–1977), American National Football League player
  • Paul Engebretsen (1910–1979), American National Football League player
  • Tiny Gooch (1903-1986), American all-around college athlete, attorney and politician
  • Tiny Grimes (1916–1989), American jazz and R&B guitarist
  • Tiny Kahn (1923–1953), American jazz drummer, arranger and composer
  • Tiny Kox (born 1953), Dutch politician
  • Tiny Leys (1907–1989), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Tom Lister Jr. (1958-2020), American actor and wrestler
  • Big Tiny Little (1930–2010), American pianist
  • Tiny Lund (1929–1975), American race car driver
  • Tiny Osborne (1893–1969), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tiny Parham (1900–1943), Canadian-born American jazz bandleader and pianist
  • Kendal Pinder (born 1956), American basketball player
  • Tiny Rowland (1917–1998), British businessman and chief executive of the Lonrho conglomerate from 1962 to 1994
  • Tiny Ron Taylor (1947–2019), American film actor and former basketball player
  • Tiny Sandford (1894–1961), American film actor
  • Tiny Thompson (1903–1981), Canadian National Hockey League goaltender
  • Tiny Timbrell (1917–1992), Canadian guitarist
  • Tiny Wharton (1927–2005), Scottish football referee
  • Carl Whiting (born 1981), New Zealand sailor
  • Xu Linyin (born 1986), Chinese beach volleyball player

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