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Genre Image hosting service
Founded April 2009
Founder Chris Leydon
Area served
Parent Keyone Productions
Website tinygrab.com

TinyGrab is a simple screenshot sharing tool for Windows, Mac and iOS. The tool allows the user to take a screenshot and automatically upload it to their servers. The URL is passed directly to the user's clipboard allowing them to paste the link in an email, blog post, on Twitter, or any instant messaging application. The service is tiered with the free accounts limited to ten "grabs" a day and paid accounts giving unlimited grabs and the ability to use File Transfer Protocol to upload to custom servers.[1]


TinyGrab was envisioned in April 2009 by former British student Chris Leydon, whilst at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom.[2] The first version of TinyGrab was limited to run only on the Mac OS X operating system. Soon after, TinyGrab expanded upon this by releasing an application that allowed users of Microsoft Windows to use the service. TinyGrab for iPhone was released on 26 May 2010 and is now available in the iTunes app store.[3]

TinyGrab was one of the original applications featured in the MacHeist nanoBundle in November 2009 and offered as a free download for a limited time. The inclusion in the nanoBundle is speculated to be the primary reason for TinyGrab's mass uptake in users in a short period of time.

In March 2010, TinyGrab was profiled in Macworld Magazine.[4]

In May 2010, TinyGrab appealed to its users for help with funding the project in order to keep it alive.[5]

In 2011, TinyGrab's servers were hacked. This compromised the products code base and led to speculation about the developer's financial future.[6][7]

In July 2011, TinyGrab announced they had been purchased by US developers Company 52, and claimed that the product was now secure.[8]

Date Event
June 2009 Mac version goes into public beta testing
July 2009 Mac version launches
September 2009 iPhone version is announced
October 2009 Windows version launches
April 2010 TinyGrab 2.0 is announced
May 2010 iPhone version launches
September 2010 TinyGrab 2.0 beta announced
April 2011 TinyGrab gets hacked and is forced to prematurely launch TinyGrab 2.0
July 2011 Chris Leydon sells TinyGrab to Company 52.
December 2011 TinyGrab launches a redesigned grab page
July 2016 TinyGrab website went offline and stops all services without any messages to buyers.
October 2017 Chris Leydon was found guilty of rape of a boy under the age of 13, sexual assault of a boy under the age of 13, inciting a child to engage in sexual in sexual activity and four counts of possessing indecent photos of children. at Worcester Crown Court[9].



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