To Cut a Long Story Short (short story collection)

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For the Spandau Ballet song, see To Cut a Long Story Short.
First edition (publ. HarperCollins)

To Cut a Long Story Short (ISBN 0-00-226149-9) is a 2000 short story collection by British writer and politician Jeffrey Archer. Unlike his previous collections, which have contained 12 stories, this one has 15. A list of the featured stories is below.

  • Death Speaks (from W. Somerset Maugham's Sheppey)
  • The Expert Witness
  • The Endgame
  • The Letter
  • Crime Pays
  • Chalk and Cheese
  • A Change of Heart
  • Too Many Coincidences
  • Love At First Sight
  • Both Sides Against The Middle
  • A Weekend to Remember
  • Something for Nothing
  • Other Blighters' Efforts
  • The Reclining Woman
  • The Grass is Always Greener . . .


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