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The Tobacco Road in May 2008

The Tobacco Road was a bar in the Brickell area of Downtown Miami, Florida, United States. It was popularly known as the oldest bar in the city.[1] The liquor license it amended was first issued in November 1912 (though property records show the building as being built in 1915,[2] as a bakery)[3][4] and operated nearly continuously since its opening, having been shut down briefly at times for run-ins with the law, such as when the upstairs, now a live music venue, was used as a speakeasy during Prohibition.[3] Tobacco Road was located at 626 South Miami Avenue, on the south side of the Miami River, putting it in Miami's Brickell district, where it was classified as a classic dive bar, being popular among locals. Tobacco Road celebrated its 100th anniversary in November 2012. In 2012, the land on which Tobacco Road lies was purchased for $12.5 million. On October 26, 2014, Tobacco Road, the oldest bar In Miami closed and demolished by Thunder Demolition Inc. An estimated 4,000 people came on its last night...

Sale and closure[edit]

In April 2012, an unrelated developer, Carlos Mattos, purchased the large lot which includes Tobacco Road, though it was stated that Tobacco Road had a three-year lease and could remain open for at least that long before the lot is developed.[1][5] In 2014, the owners announced that they are planning on selling the bar to its employees,[6] regardless of whether or not demolition is imminent, and relocating to another building nearby.[7] The bar closed on the morning of October 26 with plans to relocate to another building in the same block as well as a themed bar on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.[8] In October 2015, the Norwegian Escape began service from PortMiami.



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