Tobira Album

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Tobira Album
Studio album by Rie fu (舩越 里恵 Rie Funakoshi)
Released November 21, 2007
Genre J-Pop
Label Sony Japan
Rie fu (舩越 里恵 Rie Funakoshi) chronology
Rose Album
(2006)Rose Album2006
Tobira Album
Urban Romantic
(2009)Urban Romantic2009

Tobira Album is J-Pop singer Rie fu's third album, released in 2007. It reached #34 on the Oricon Albums Chart.[1]

Track listing[edit]

The album includes the following tracks:[1]

  1. "5000 マイル~Album version" (5000 Miles)
  2. "Come To My Door"
  3. "ツキアカリ" (Moonlight)
  4. "君が浮かぶよ" (You Come to Mind)
  5. "tobira"
  6. "On Its Way"
  7. "Until I Say"
  8. "SMILE"
  9. "Feel The Same"
  10. "dreams be"
  11. "Sunshine of my day~Live version"
  12. "London"
  13. "あなたがここにいる理由" (The Reason You're Here)


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