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Tod or TOD may refer to:


  • Tod (given name), a given name (including a list of people and fictional characters with the name)
  • ToD (born 1985), French professional Warcraft III and Starcraft II player
  • Andy Tod (born 1971), Scottish footballer
  • Archibald Tod (584–1656), Scottish landowner
  • David Tod (1805–1868), American politician and industrialist
  • George Tod, British surveyor and hothouse builder
  • George Tod (1773—1841), American politician and judge
  • Isabella Tod (1836–1896), Scottish suffragist
  • James Tod (1782–1835), British colonial officer and political agent
  • James Tod of Deanston (1795–1858), Scottish lawyer and landowner
  • Joanne Tod (born 1953), Canadian lecturer and painter
  • Jodi Tod (born 1981), New Zealand netball player
  • John Tod (1779–1830), American politician from Pennsylvania
  • Jonathan Tod (born 1939), British Royal Navy officer
  • J. Kennedy Tod, Scottish financier of American railroads and benefactor of Anna Maxwell
  • Malcolm Tod (1897—1968), British actor
  • Quentin Tod (1884—1947), British actor and dancer
  • Ronnie Tod (1905–1975), British Army officer


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