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This article is about Wang Khan Toghrul, ruler of the Khereid. For the Seljuk leader, see Toğrül.
Wang Khan (King)
Wang Khan "Toghrul" in Le Livre des Merveilles, 15th century. He is depicted with the gown of a Cardinal rather than a King, and with his attendants (right) holding Christian crosses, in relation to his identification with Prester John in the Occident. He is receiving two envoys from Genghis Khan (kneeling).[1]
Reign ? - 1203
Died 1203

Wang Khan, (Mongolian:Тоорил хан/Tooril khan, Ван хан/Van khan; Chinese: 王汗; pinyin: Wáng Hàn) also Ong Khan, was the title given to the Khereid ruler Toghrul by the Jurchen Jin Dynasty of China. Like the rest of his tribe he may have been a Nestorian Christian. Wang Khan was the anda (blood brother) of Temüjin's (later Genghis Khan) father Yesükhei, and acted as a patron and early ally for Temüjin.

When Temüjin attacked Jamukha for the title of Khan, Toghrul, fearing Temüjin's growing power, plotted with Jamukha to have Temüjin assassinated. Toghrul was killed in 1203 by Naiman soldiers who failed to recognize him as the former was fleeing from a defeat by Genghis Khan. Genghis married his son Tolui to one of Toghrul's nieces, the Nestorian Christian Sorghaghtani Bekhi. Tolui and Sorghaghtani Bekhi became the parents of Möngke Khan and Kublai Khan.

During the 13th century, Wang Khan was one of several Asian or African leaders who was identified with the legend of Prester John.[2]


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