Togolese presidential election, 2003

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Presidential elections were held in Togo on 1 June 2003. The result was a victory for incumbent President Gnassingbé Eyadéma, who won 57.8% of the vote.[1]


Candidate Party Votes %
Gnassingbé Eyadéma Rally of the Togolese People 1,345,159 57.8
Emmanuel Bob-Akitani Union of Forces for Change 784,102 33.7
Yawovi Agboyibo Action Committee for Renewal 119,372 5.1
Maurice Dahuku Péré Socialist Pact for Renewal 51,304 2.2
Edem Kodjo Patriotic Pan-African Convergence 22,482 1.0
Nicolas Lawson Independent 4,847 0.2
Léopold Gnininvi* Democratic Convention of African Peoples 409 0.0
Total 2,327,675 100

* Gnininvi withdrew his candidacy in May but remained on the ballot paper.


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