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Tokin may refer to:

  • Tokin (headwear) (頭襟 or 頭巾), a small black box worn on the foreheads of Yamabushi
  • Tokin Corporation (previously NEC Tokin), a Japanese electronic and electrical parts company
  • Boris P. Tokin (Борис Петрович Токин, 1900–1984), Russian scientist discoverer of Phytoncides
  • Mount Tokin (頭巾山 or 襟巾山), an alternate name for Mount Misumi, a mountain located in Tottori, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
  • Tokin (と金), a promoted pawn in shogi
  • Tokin (鍍金), a Japanese term for plating, particularly mercury silvering

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  • The dictionary definition of toke at Wiktionary—also said "tokin'" and "toking"—a slang term for the act of puffing on a marijuana cigarette