Tokuda Hospital

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Tokuda Hospital
Tokushukai Medical Corporation
Tokuda Hospital English logo.jpg
Tokuda Hospital - Sofia.jpg
Tokuda Hospital in Sofia
Location Sofia, Bulgaria

Tokuda Hospital Sofia (Bulgarian: Токуда Болница София) was the first major private hospital in Bulgaria, located in the capital of Sofia. The hospital is Japanese owned, run by the Tokushukai Medical Corporation, which have over 280 hospitals in Japan. Tokuda Hospital Sofia is the first hospital in the company, outside Japan. The hospital has 1000 beds, with 32 clinics and wards, with 22 operating rooms. Tokuda Hospital Sofia is a massive investment in the Healthcare Sector of Bulgaria. In 2006 the hospital is awarded with ‘Investment of the Year’ award and the same year it was also given the prestigious award ‘Building of the Year’ for its contemporary design and project with care for the patients and employees.

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Coordinates: 42°39′54″N 23°19′29″E / 42.66500°N 23.32472°E / 42.66500; 23.32472