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Tom Adkins (born January 13, 1958) is an American political pundit, political writer, public speaker, real-estate investor, TV Producer and show host.

He is the host and producer of "Tommy's Garage," a lampoon show targeting politics and pop culture characters.

Adkins is widely recognized by his 18-inch tattoo of Ronald Reagan [1].

Political writing[edit]

Tom Adkins political writing career began as a prolific letters-to-the-editor campaign to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Inquirer editors eventually asked him to contribute op-ed pieces, and Adkins became notorious for attacking controversial subjects with a hard-right, confrontational approach. Numerous articles were picked up nationally, along with viral internet distribution. Dissatisfied with the members-only process of selecting contributors by most national conservative publications, Adkins united with similarly disaffected conservative internet writers to form the web magazine ""

A few notable articles:

(all articles originally published but no longer cached by the Philadelphia Inquirer)

Eventually, Adkins writing gained national exposure and numerous republications in local and national magazines and newspapers. eventually folded as Adkins aimed his career towards radio and television appearances.


Adkins television appearances began on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher in September 1999. This created opportunities for various TV appearances at local Philadelphia ABC affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia, then Comcast CN8 in Philadelphia and eventually CNN and Fox News Channel.

Adkins currently hosts "Tommy's Garage," a political/pop culture lampoon show.

Tea Party[edit]

Adkins is also known for his speeches at various Tea Party rallies. A few examples:


Adkins was married to Fox News host Brenda Buttner 2005–2010.


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