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Tom Gomes (born February 5, 1978) is a former drummer for the metalcore bands Aftershock, Catchthirteen, and Killswitch Engage.[1]

He joined Killswitch Engage after the recording of their 2002 record Alive or Just Breathing, and performed with the band during their Road Rage tour of the United Kingdom and their performance at Ozzfest, in 2002 and 2003 respectively. He then left the band and was replaced by Blood Has Been Shed drummer Justin Foley. Gomes was with the band during the departure of former vocalist Jesse Leach and the entry of his replacement, Howard Jones, and also participated in the writing of the song "When Darkness Falls". Gomes also appears on the band's re-recorded version of "Fixation on The Darkness", which featured Jones' vocals on the bands re-release of Alive or Just Breathing.

He is now in the rock band 'Something Of A Silhouette'. Differing from his hardcore roots in Aftershock and Killswitch Engage, Something Of A Silhouette sounds more melodic and dark. His girlfriend Sara Saffery sings in the band as well. He also started a project with former Aftershock vocalist Toby Dutkiewicz, who is Adam Dutkiewicz's brother as well as the owner of Devil's Head Recordings. This project is more similar to Gomes previous metalcore acts. Tom Gomes also appears as a guest drummer for 36 Crazyfists album Rest Inside the Flames on the song "We Cannot Deny". Tom co-wrote the music for the song along with 36 Crazyfists guitarist Steve Holt.