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Tomás Guillermo T. del Rosario (February 10, 1857 – July 4, 1913) is a Filipino judge and statesman who served as the first Governor of the province of Bataan from 1903 to 1905. He is remembered for advocating the separation of church and state.[1]

Memorial (marker, at the Bataan Capitolio)

Del Rosario was born to Cipriano del Rosario and Severina Tongco in Binondo, Manila. He was a judge of the First Instance of Manila from 1888-96. He was deported to Ceuta, Africa from 1896-97 for alleged involvement in the revolution. Upon his return, he became a delegate of Surigao in the Malolos Congress in 1898 and delegate to the Philippine Assembly from 1909-12.[1]

On 2007, the National Historical Institute and provincial government of Bataan unveiled the Gov. Tomás del Rosario marker at the compound in front of the provincial capitol in Balanga City.[1]


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