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Tomasz Imieliński
Born July 11, 1954
Toruń, Poland
Residence United States
Nationality Polish
Fields Computer Science
Institutions Rutgers University
Alma mater Politechnika Gdańska
Doctoral advisor Witold Lipski
Doctoral students Anthony Bonner,[1] Jan Chomicki,[2] Samir Goel[3]
Known for data mining, mobile computing
Notable awards 2003 SIGMOD Test of Time Award;[4] 10 year VLDB Best Paper Award.[5]

Tomasz Imieliński (born July 11, 1954 in Toruń, Poland) is a Polish-American computer scientist. He is currently professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, United States. He served as chairman of the computer science department at Rutgers from 1996 to 2003. In 2000, he co-founded Connotate Technologies[6] – a web data extraction company based in New Brunswick, NJ. Since 2004 till 2010 he has held multiple positions at, from Vice president of data solutions to executive vice president of global search and answers and Chief Scientist. From 2010 to 2012 he served as VP of Data Solutions at Pronto.[7]

His joint paper with Agrawal and Swami[8] started the Association rule mining research area [9]and is one of the most cited publications in computer science,[10] with over 14,500 citations according to Google Scholar. This paper received the 2003 - 10 year Test of Time ACM SIGMOD award.

Imieliński has also been one of the pioneers of mobile computing and for his joint paper with Badri Nath[11] he received the Ten Year VLDB Best Paper award in 2002.[5]

Tomasz Imieliński was granted a number of patents in data mining, mobile computing, and internet technology.[12]

Imieliński graduated with B.E/M.E degree in Electrical Engineering from Politechnika Gdańska and received a doctorate in Computer Science from Polish Academy of Sciences, in Poland.

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