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Top Fest is a music competition organised by Top Channel. It began airing in 2004 and has been held since. It is annually held in Tirana, Albania.[1] The songs are usually performed in Albanian with artists from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and other Albanian-speaking territories. From its 7th edition (2010), the participants perform their entries 100% live.[2]


Since 2010, the show has been split into three phases. The first phase airs all accepted entries, performing their entries in playback. The second phase is the Semi-Finals, usually split in three shows, where the winners from phase one perform. The qualifiers from the semi-finals perform in the final, usually 10 to 13 acts. The winner is chosen in the Finale-night, usually held in late-May or early-June.


The contest has produced many artists, like Alban Skënderaj, Elhaida Dani, and many others, who were established and rose fame after their participation in Top Fest.[3][4]

Year Origin Artist Song Translation
2004  Albania Stine "Lady Lady"
2005  Albania Alban Skënderaj "Vetëm ty" Only to you
2006  Albania &  Kosovo Alban Skënderaj & Kthjellu "Diçka" Something
2007  Albania Greta Koçi "Sa më lodhe" You annoyed me
2008  Albania Besa Kokëdhima "Enjëjt vrasin njëlloj" Angels kill the same
2009  Kosovo Linda Halimi "Ëndërroj" I dream
2010  Albania Eneda Tarifa "Me veten" With myself
2011  Albania Elvana Gjata "Me ty" With you
2012  Albania Elhaida Dani "S'je më" You're not anymore
2013  Albania Samanta Karavello "Loti i fundit" The last teardrop
2014  Albania Soni Malaj "Me të jeton" It lives with him..
2015  Kosovo Ermal Fejzullahu, Lumi B & Ledri Vula "Shko" Go